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The Evolution From Registered Investor Advisor to Multi-family Office

How to get it right so your services are the natural selection for wealth families.

Astute RIAs see the benefits of remaking themselves as MFOs.

The transition can herald higher earnings and long-lasting client relationships. But it requires new capabilities, changed perspectives, adapted processes, and rock-solid back office infrastructure. 

In this quick guide, we outline four crucial steps for RIAs looking to grow into full-service multi-family offices.




Masttro is the WealthData Company.

Masttro is a SaaS solution for single- and multi-family offices, wealth professionals serving wealth owners, and larger institutions. We believe modern technology and direct data feeds are critical to unlocking solutions to managing wealth data across structure, asset classes, and a move to unstructured data. Our platform delivers the complete picture of every corner of wealth, from illiquid and liquid investments to liabilities and passion assets. Our platform protects that data with military-grade security and encryption. If you are part of an ecosystem supporting wealth owners who have complex needs, we should talk.