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100% WealthData Visibility.
Total Control. 

Ally to Wealth Owners. Partner to their Advisors.

The Masttro platform offers:
  • Aggregation of wealth data and documents, with flexibility to handle any asset type or valuation source. 
  • Holistic views of every corner of your wealth, presented simply, intuitively, and actionably, including slice-and-dice capabilities.
  • Protection of your wealth data with military-grade security and private encryption.

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Gather, analyze, and manage wealth data and documents your family office runs on in one place, flexibly and securely.


Global Financial Aggregation

Automated data aggregation with
direct data feeds to any custodian,
bank, or broker you work with around
the world.


Digital Document Management

Access and manage any document
through digital vaults that securely
store and dynamically organize.


24/7 Monitoring and Alerting

Protection of your wealth data with military-grade security and private encryption.


Entity Mapping and Wealth Structures

Interactive, visual blueprint of
families’ wealth, mapping every entity,
asset, liability, and family member.


Holistic Views
of Net Worth

All liquid, illiquid, and real assets across
custodians, geographies, currencies, and ownership structures.



Integrated artificial intelligence (AI)
and machine learning advancements
automate processing of alternatives

Finally the most comprehensive and complete system available to manage all type of assets for a family.
Jose Luis Llamas


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Masttro is the WealthData Company.

Masttro is a SaaS solution for single- and multi-family offices, wealth professionals serving wealth owners, and larger institutions. We believe modern technology and direct data feeds are critical to unlocking solutions to managing wealth data across structure, asset classes, and a move to unstructured data. Our platform delivers the complete picture of every corner of wealth, from illiquid and liquid investments to liabilities and passion assets. Our platform protects that data with military-grade security and encryption. If you are part of an ecosystem supporting wealth owners who have complex needs, we should talk.